Friday, February 11, 2011

Potato Chip Scarf in Paradise

I've been on vacation in Hawaii for the last two weeks and I've completed a few projects.  I'll be posting these over the next week or so.  The first project is this potato chip scarf I knitted for a friend. 

The pattern was given to me verbally by my daughter and I've made a couple of these since Thanksgiving.

Here are the instructions:
          Cast on 20 stitches, leaving a 12" tail
          Row 1: knit 20 stitches
          Row 2: knit 8 stitches, turn
          Row 3: knit 8 stitches
          Row 4: knit 6 stitches, turn
          Row 5: knit 6 stitches
          Row 6: knit 4 stitches, turn
          Row 7: knit 4 stitches
          Repeat Rows 1 through 7 until you reach the desired length
          Last Row: bind off (knit stitch) all 20 stitches, leaving a 12" tail.
          Using a tapestry needle, thread the 12" tail on each end of the scarf.
          Weave together the raw edges of the ends into a semi-circle, see picture below.

I used two skeins of Trabajos del Peru, 100% Pure Fine Merino Wool by Plymouth Yarn, color 001.  It's a very deep rich blue that shows up just a little lighter than the actual color in these photos.  Each skein is 147 yards and the size needle recommended is US 9.  I used a US 10 needle because I liked the guage better.  The guage isn't important as long as you like it.

We've had a lot of cold weather in Nashville over the last few weeks.  This soft but warm scarf will come in very handy.  Enjoy the pattern and if you like it, please leave me a comment.


  1. I love your pattern and have linked it to my blog.

    It is also making the rounds of the Friday Fun Knitters in Tucson.

  2. Thanks for sharing my pattern with your knitting group. I'd love to see their project pics.

  3. Very cute scarf! Looks very easy. How long of a scarf did you end up making?

  4. Very Cute! It takes quite a long time, though.

  5. My yarn suggested 10 needles. I'm using 13's and it is looking nice and drapey. But it's very boring and seems to take forever, since every row is essentially 56 stitches including the short rows. Next time(if there is one) ill use a self striping yarn...should make it more fun to see the colors evolve on each ruffle. Definitely (!) use needles at least 2 sizes larger or it will be too stiff to drape.