Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doors of Europe

I'll admit it, I love unique doors.  When in Europe recently, I found myself compelled to photograph some of these beautiful doors.  Most of the building facades were very nondescript and the residents found a way to make their homes stand out by using landscaping, beautiful transom windows, brass ornamentation and unique color. 

These photos were taken with my favorite camera, a Nikon D50.  Most of these photos were taken in the UK but some were from Scotland.


The door, above, stood out not because of the color but the compelling stone coloration against the white door frame with the transom window. 


The stonework and very ornate transom windows makes the doors, above, standout.


These last few doors all have such a beautiful color and mix of brass ornamentation. 

I hope you've enjoyed these.


  1. Hi lovely pics. Where was door 52 taken. London or Scotland.if London can you remember where. I'd love to see it.

    1. Sorry, just noticed your comment. It was in London, however, I cannot tell you a specific area or address. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.